This is our current 3d-showreel! showing various shots from our 3d-works we did during the last year. xoio is a visualisation studio based in Berlin. We provide high quality imagery and animation for advertisement, architecture and exhibitions.

Please visit our website at for an in depth information about our work. Hope you like our work!

We warmheartedly thank all artists who participated in these shots. All 3d-models were custommade at xoio.

copyright 2014 xoio
Trophy-Animation by courtesy / copyright of FLC Helsinki, 3d by xoio
Volkswagen Quicar CI produced by METADesign AG, 3d by xoio

music copyright 2014 by Eike Hosenfeld, Moritz Denis & Tim Stanzel

all 3d-models (except VW Golf VI) were created at xoio

CGI 3d-Animation Showreel xoio Berlin

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