I was interested in narrating some cycling anecdotes from different eras of Le Tour de France as not only am I a huge fan of the event but the stories seem unrealistic or fabricated to say the least. I imagine that they have been embellished slightly since their happening but I am interested in the fact that all of these freak accidents or incidents happened whilst competing in a sporting event. I specifically focused on stories of human compassion, bitterness and sabotage as it shows the human struggle and triumph that runs alongside the race itself. Le Tour de France for me is more than a sporting event and during a residency underwent last year I was able to explore the similarities or crossovers between the event and selected socially focused art practices. The audio that has been used by F/O/R/C/E is one of the byproducts of that research.

1. davidmcleavy.co.uk
2. youngartistsinconversation.co.uk
3. workww.tumblr.com/info

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