In 1993, by the time Mark Dery had defined "Afro-Futurism" we were already doing it here in Chicago. Coming out of Ishmael Reed, Sun Ra(we sat at his feet as children),Dr Ben, Sam Delaney, Ivan Van Sertima, Octavia Butler, Chieck Anta Diop, Kelan Phil Cohran it was already in effect. The internet spit this seed out at me from the past this morning.

The Adventures of Willie Gitback, The HooDoo Ninja
Just for fun, I dug up the old logline and it is back on the list. This is the backstory. It becomes a future present adventure linked to the ancient past. I have included an updated short art presentation we used on potential investors.

The Adventures of Willie Gitback:
The HooDoo Ninja
©1993, Floyd Webb, based upon characters created by Floyd Webb and Simmie Williams, Registered WGA/West

Spanning 6000 years beginning in the ancient ancestral plains of the Bambara people of Western Africa to the Southside of Chicago in the year 2010, the adventure begins. Ancient religion and cutting edge technology enforced by bone shattering martial arts meet head on in a relentless battle for the fate of humanity and the souls of mankind. William Guttenbach, alias "WILLIE GITBACK," chosen by his birthright, reluctantly fights to save the world and keep a straight face while doing it.

Prologue: Thousands of years ago, the ancestral plain of the Bambara people.

A mist rises in the light of dawn over a broad expanse of battlefield. The terrain is littered with the bodies of dead warriors. Two great armies prepare for a final battle.

JOLIBA OF THE LIGHT and NJELI OF THE MASK, progeny of the ELDERS OF THE STAR, oppose each other in an occult battle that has turned the great Savannah of the Sahara into dry desert. They are immortal sorcerer-kings sent to the planet to guide man on the path to true humanity. NJELI grew drunk with his power over the mortals. When the ELDERS informed them that the time of the immortals was ended and that the Eye of Odu, the talisman which gave them their immortality, must be returned to the heavens, NJELI rebelled. This meant the loss of their powers and the death of mortal man. JOLIBA was the keeper of the Eye. In his rage and jealousy NJELI consulted with dark forces. He gained the power to defeat JOLIBA.

In this final battle The land and people of two great nations are devastated and the forces of JOLIBA are defeated. But before NJELI could possess the Eye, JOLIBA manages to send it far into the future out of his reach. As JOLIBA sinks into the earth, he wills that all of his descendants do battle with NJELI to thwart his nefarious efforts and to keep the Eye out of his reach. From this grave a fountain of pure water springs forth and this little stream becomes the source of a mighty river.

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