~~Watch video on smallish screen, not full-screen. Unless you really like big pixels.~~ … I wrote "On My Belly" when I was six weeks pregnant, a song for the embryo inside. It grew, and I grew, and together my belly and I went to Rapa Nui, a.k.a. Easter Island. That's where we did a ritual, some of which you see here.

I improvised the song standing in front of my Mac with an acoustic guitar and no particular idea of what I wanted to sing or play, just the knowledge that I really needed to sing and play. Then multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Eric Hausmann made it sound silky and mysterious. Much of our soundtrack work for the Easter Island Project is available for free listening at Soundcloud:


It is all part of "Anakena: The Easter Island Project," an interdisciplinary artwork spanning six years, seven cities, and the island of Rapa Nui. An ongoing, ever-evolving installation is in place at Reed College's Case Works series through the end of 2013, and a seven-screen video installation was presented at Reed in June of that year. The project is funded in part by RACC, the Regional Arts & Culture Council (racc.org).

Immense thanks to the many, many project participants, collaborators, artists, friends, volunteers, donors, venues, producers, and generally fabulous people who made the Easter Island Project happen from 2007 to 2013.

File thingy: OnMyBelly-Upload2 jan 2014!!! -Anakena-21-B-final-forVimeo

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