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= The TAO of Badass =™

The Absolute Must-Have ‘Guide’ For Any Guy Looking To Meet, Attract & Date With Several Women Effortlessly.

Seducing Girls Is Both An Art And A Skill That Not Many Men Are Able To Master. To Become A Rockstar With Women, There Are Some Secrets & Key Elements To Dominate Like: How To Activate Her "Sexual Triggers", How To Make A Woman Fall In Love, How To Meet Women At Any Place & Any Time You Want, How To Use Advanced Seduction Techniques To Become Them Obsessed With You, How To Get A Hot New Girlfriend Month After Month, How To Stop Being Just A Friend To Women, Etc… To Your Success!!

• How to pass the 'Tests' that women give you (that 90% of men fail miserably) and, even more importantly, how to see them coming from a mile away.
• The "1 through 5 Guide" - a system that will become your *cheat-sheet* for knowing when you should touch a girl and turn your body in a certain way so that they are absolutely begging for your attention, right from the beginning.
• A way to tell what 'Stage' you are at while you're talking to a girl that will automatically tell you when she wants you to kiss her, even if you've never been able to tell before.
• The 4 tweaks you need to make in order to have radiantly dominant body language that women stare at in awe.
• How to talk with a group of women in a way that will make all of them want you at the same time.
• How to read a woman's eyes to be able to tell if she is turned on, emotional, a creative thinker, or she is lying through her teeth to you.
• A technique that will take you from flirting to a deep-connection conversation and how to move from that deep conversation to furiously making out in just minutes.
• The one thing that men do that secretly shows a woman instantly that he has absolutely no idea how to please her and how to never do that thing.
• How to recognize a woman's 'communication style' and use it to speak HER language and bypass all of her logical barriers to speak directly to her emotions.
• A simple and ancient technique that, when used, will allow you to 'steer' any conversation you're having to naturally and easily flow toward sexual innuendo and get her blood flowing.
• A technique called 'Seeding' which plants a desire in a woman's head like a seed and will get her agreeing to go on a date with you before you ever ask her.
• One painfully simple thing you can do, that most men don't, that will drop your 'flake-rate' down to zero and have women waiting by the phone for you to text and call them back.
• What to do when you get a strong resistance to 'emotional connection' with a woman that will make her feel comfortable and completely relaxed.
• An eye contact technique that will give every woman you look at butterflies in her stomach and make her unconsciously begin to flirt with you uncontrollably.
• A technique that gives you subtle hints about a woman that will give you insights about her that not even her closest friends will know!
• A series of questions that, when answered, will set you on your purpose and give you a glowing confidence that you've never experienced in your life.

■ Website: vur.me/s/V-TheTAOofBadass


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