A big collaborative project, featuring some visuals from the abstract film maker and artist Felix Prater, some bars from the talented MC BeSpoke and 35mm footage from illustrator/filmaker Jai Vellala-Wilson.
Featuring: Will Stradling, Matt, Treece, Shilo Hraiz, Max Uhlein, Mitch Childs, Bailey Marklew, Stephen Glyln-Woods, Tom Wicks, Toby Chamberlin, Dave Stapp, Dan Basset, George Marigold, Gary White, Liam Furneaux, Ollie Frost
Visuals By Felix Prater, second from last song featuring BeSpoke, 35mm footage by Jai Vellala-Wilson
Contributing filmers: Will Stradling. Jude Thompson, Rich Turner. Additional Filmers: Dan Basset Bailey Marklew, Gary White, Max Uhlein
1st Tune - America by Allen Ginsberg
2nd Tune - Ten Pound Bag by Reveal and Doc Brown (Prod. By Louis Slippaz)
3rd Tune - New York (King Krule Rework) by Angel Haze
4th Tune - Acetate by BeSpoke (Beat by Greenwood Sharps - Things Familiar)
5th Tune - Like by Baishe Kings
Edited by Jude Thompson, Additional editing by Felix Prater

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