Here's a virtual movie of the great Edgar Allan Poe reading his much loved poem "Lenore" This reading is provided by the voice of an actor by the name of George Rosette who I cannot seem to find anything about on the internet,though his voice sounds quite familiar.I reckon I have heard that voice in cartoons.Any info you can share about this actor will be much appreciated and added to these notes. The well modulated reading is surprisingly effective. Alas the rare LP record it comes from has been almost played to death so apologies for the skips and jumps which whilst annoying do not entirely detract from the pleasure of listening to this very enjoyable recital.

"Lenore" is a poem by the American author Edgar Allan Poe. It began as a different poem, "A Paean", and was not published as "Lenore" until 1843.

The poem discusses proper decorum in the wake of the death of a young woman, described as "the queenliest dead that ever died so young". The poem concludes: "No dirge shall I upraise,/ But waft the angel on her flight with a paean of old days!" Lenore's fiancé, Guy de Vere, finds it inappropriate to "mourn" the dead; rather, one should celebrate their ascension to a new world. Unlike most of Poe's poems relating to dying women, "Lenore" implies the possibility of meeting in paradise.[1]
The poem may have been Poe's way of dealing with the illness of his wife Virginia. The dead woman's name, however, may have been a reference to Poe's recently-dead brother, William Henry Leonard Poe.[2] Poetically, the name Lenore emphasizes the letter "L" sound, a frequent device in Poe's female characters including "Annabel Lee", "Eulalie", and "Ulalume"

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