This album is for us. We are the people. It is for those who will listen. For the ones detached from genre boxes, the critics, and the press. For the ones with passion, able to shut out the incessant chatter and dissension of the complacent. The complacent who say your creation isn't as it should be. Who are they to dictate how the beauties of ones mind manifest themselves. We speak now or never speak again.
This is the creation of the depth of soul, being, and existence. For without creation we are but mindless animals. Beings without meaning. This is for the people. This is for us.

1. She Moves 00:01
2. She's Stuck in a Rut 03:04
3. White Buffalo 06:14
4. Lips Around Your Spine 07:34
5. Landlocked Surf Rock 10:38
6. Breathe on me Young Frankenstein 12:52
7. Dust in the Mojave 16:39
8. Pieces of You 20:47
9. Pray for Rain 24:55
10. Kingdoms Lost 26:43
11. Sounds of Snow 32:48

Thee Dang Dangs - For The People - 2013
released 15 August 2013

Recorded by Alex Anderson at Colorado Sound Shed summer 2013

Thee Dang Dangs are a 4 piece Psychedelic Surf Indie Rock band from Denver, Colorado.

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