Premiered at Festival GREC de Barcelona 2010 / La Caldera. Awarded Third Prize XXIV Madrid Choreography Contest 2010. Selected for Aerowaves 2011 European young makers net.

“Two women who stretch, create and transform themselves, blend into each other and mutate. Without any doubt, an authentic delight for the senses." Patricia Salvatierra. Underdogs, 2010.
MINIATURA is a world of tiny things, portraits, manipulations and mechanisms. Miniatures are small-scale portraits and figurines. Both are easily manipulated and that makes them very fragile and extremely versatile at the same time. MINIATURA is a manipulation gear of the elements on stage: the body, the movement, video, the music and the performance space. We become objects and manipulating bodies, portraits and artificers, imaginary landscapes where real dimensions change through perspectives. We put ourselves in the shoes of music box little dolls and of sober-eyed women from ancient portraits. We dance detail and honour all that is small, which can become as big as the eyes.

Concept and direction: Roser López Espinosa
Creation and dance: Maria Campos Arroyo and Roser López Espinosa
Original music: Ilia Mayer
Lighting design: Katinka Marac
Technicians: Katinka Marac and Israel Quintero
Artistic adviser: Àngels Margarit
Production: L'escènica

Thanks to: Abel Cunillera, Eulàlia Blasi, Aritz Bizkarra, Fàtima Campos, Daniel Caballero and Toni Mira

Resident artist La Caldera 2010. With the support of Àngels Margarit / Cia Mudances - Guests 2009/10. With the collaboration of AREAtangent, Festival GREC, CONCA - Generalitat de Catalunya and Institut Ramon Llull.

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