This video is made purely for presentation purposes of an essay that I wrote for the course Introduction to Artistic Production.

Written and designed by Sara Vrbinc

Course: Introduction to Artistic Production
Supervisor: Pekka Niskanen
1. year of MA in Graphic Design
Aalto University, School of Arts Design and Architecture
Helsinki, 2013

In the beginning of Master’s studies in Graphic design students were asked to write a short essay, which would somehow sum up areas of individual’s interest for further research of Master’s studies.

Right before the start of MA, I graduated with production based thesis titled Visual communication outcomes for public space and their influence on the quality of life; A day without an ad. The project criticises visual pollution in urban areas, that is mainly caused by uncontrolled implementation of advertising and suggest a need to rethink city planning approaches.
My aim is definitely to continue with research (and even more production practice) in the fields of Visual communication vs. Urban planning. This time in less critical and more functional way.

The task for the essay did not demand any clear conclusions, so I used it only for contemplating known issues, that might serve as a brief starting point for my further research. Instead of dissertation I decided to present the essay throughout the video, where the level of visual narrative reaches the same level of the content (the essay is being read by the speaker feature from Google Translate, also all the video walks have been screen-recorded through Google Maps).

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