40 minute documentary about Daniel Johnston's first performance in Brazil, in april 2013. Featuring "True Love Will Find you in the End", "Speeding Motorcycle", "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Your Grievances", "Casper, The Friendly Ghost", "Walking the Cow", "Devil Town" and others.

directed by Mariana Bastos
dop José Menezes and Filipe Franco
camera operators Filipe Franco, José Menezes, Zé Roberto Pereira
editing / color grading André Z. Pagnossim
sound recording Rafael Verrisimo
sound editing / re-recording mixer Otavio Bertolo
interviewer Helena Sasseron
produced by beltrano musical, fernanda veríssimo, fulano filmes, thereza menezes, cromossomo 3

the band
Adriano Vannuchi
Alan Feres
André Z. Pagnossim
Stela Campos
Vinicius Pardinho

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