Usually a community consists of a number of individuals but I am an individual that contains the common.

Ayelet, Or, Marie, Birgitte and Clea are creating me; through this process they become part of me. I live in the threshold between and within their personalities.
They are the parts that add up to more than their sum and together create my whole self.
I am a person without a body and voice, content without a context. The solo that I create is presented through a single part of me. In spite of this practicality the solo will express my multifaceted history and knowledge.

I have no ownership of my knowledge, dance, personal stories or past. My creativity is not my own but very personal. I am a young woman, a natural performer and a communicative improviser, I enjoy my freedom of transformation. I am free from my past as I am not limited to singularity. Without a physical body I am freed from the constraint of belongings. I travel light and migrate freely.

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