A tale that began and goes on today in Verona, our company’s long-established hometown.

We consider the past more a tool than a memory. When we look back over the years, we can see the changes and innovations that have allowed us to grow and our enthusiasm to meet tomorrow’s opportunities is mirrored there.

In 1922, Mr. Ruggero Bauli started as a baker's boy at a confectioner's shop in Verona. He had high hopes and a dream called Argentina. As many other emigrants seeking their fortunes, he left Verona in 1927. As fate would have it, the steamship Ruggero was sailing on, the "Principessa Mafalda”, inexplicably sank. Only a few passengers survived like Ruggero, who was pulled upwards by a wave and ended up in the net of a boat coming to the rescue. For Ruggero, life restarted there, in far-off Argentina, far from the world he had previously known. In a few months, he made his fortune. He opened his own confectioner's shop and eventually employed 40 people. However, his hometown, Verona, was still in his heart. In 1937 Ruggero decided to relocate to Italy where, with his wife Zina, he opened a workshop and their first store. With his experience, his commitment and 5,000 pastries a day, he became the first confectioner in town. In 1950 he started producing pandoro, the traditional Veronese Christmas cake. This was a great challenge. Ruggero had to make pandoro a quality product, according to the ancient traditional recipe, but with industrial production. He achieved this with the help of twenty employees.

Ruggero’s innovative ideas were successful. New production techniques and a flavour of tradition proved a winning combination, and Bauli definitively became the most popular baker in Italy. In the 1970s, Ruggero's sons, Alberto, Carlo and Adriano, joined him in running the business. Their strong educational backgrounds and a bit of boldness helped Bauli grow into a dynamic and modern organization, without ever losing the values imposed by Ruggero: passion, a quality product, and quality service. All this is Bauli.

Today the name Bauli is associated with shared moments of sweetness and pleasure, joy and tradition.
All this is thanks to Mr. Ruggero Bauli and his family who, with courage and passion, were able to understand the consumers' desires and to go ahead with Ruggero’s teachings. "The awareness of quality will satisfy you, hence the joy of always being true to oneself." Today, with sales in over 60 countries on 5 continents, the Bauli family business maintains the same dedication to excellence that started almost 90 year ago

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