A short film that I shot while on vacation with my wife Nalini in Dharamshala/November 2009. Basically carried a handy-cam on vacation, and kept on shooting stuff on the move:) Had good fun. For this, I experimented by not writing a script.

Had a vague idea one day in mumbai about a city bred guy who wants Mumbai to become more efficient and 'developed' like Shanghai. We keep seeing newspaper articles every other week in Mumbai by citizens who want more flyovers, more buildings etc, and even the Mayor of Mumbai has gone on record saying that she is gonna make Mumbai like Shanghai.

Around this time, me and my wife Nalini were planning a vacation in Dharamshala, where his holiness Dalai Lama resides. So took an handycam, along with this vague idea, and kept on shooting on the move, just like tourists.

Enjoy and Peace Tibet.

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