“The Real Women of J.C.” is engaging reality television that is sure to cause controversy. You think The Real Housewives raise eyebrows? Wait until you meet “The Real Women of J.C.”. Weʼre not highlighting prim and proper perfect living Christian women. Is there such a thing? We are featuring real women, with real lives, hot mess and all, who have a real unabashed love for Jesus.

“The Real Women of J.C.” is character driven television. It follows the journey of seven close friends from Phoenix, AZ. They are Sisters in Christ, Jesus Freaks really, who are woven together by the fabric of their faith. Some days they are blanketed in it, others they are barely holding on by a thread. They have families, ministries, businesses and all of them work to glorify God in what they do. They have colorful, even dark pasts, plenty of imperfections, fractured families, old wounds and an absolute belief that God has redeemed them and Grace has saved them. They donʼt fit the mold. They are beyond bold. Yet so vulnerable. So raw. They are “The Real Women of J.C.”

The lives of these women intersect on a daily basis, working and playing together, crying and wanting to quit together, laughing and toasting margaritas, arguing and butting heads together. They are not perfect, they make plenty of mistakes. Some viewers will cheer for their success and others will celebrate their failures. And some days they will fail. But they will always turn back to Jesus, the Redeemer. And He will always welcome them home.

They are real drama. They are real comedy. Because they are courageous enough to live out the script that God has written for them. They are “The Real Women of J.C.”

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