How do you make your holiday flicks interesting to watch after your vacation? Take along a snowman costume and get random people to do some impromptu acting. Set to unforgettable songs. Father, Drew Kerr, a paleontologist and his family travel to North America for Drew to deliver a paper to the scientific community opposing the concept of a missing link. On their way to the conference at Lake Louise Canada, they pick up a hobo (Joe) who brings back an abominable snowman to their hotel room. Joe, who's glasses have fogged up mistakenly believes the beast to be his crime boss "uncle Charlie" who has come to rescue him from this good living family. Father, (scientist Drew Kerr) believes the beast to be the missing link and tries to hide it from his peers but mayhem manages rein supreme.
uploaded as a mpeg2
The original 1hr 13 min version received 94 views.
Vimeo received some 300 views.
I hope you enjoy the scenery and the original songs. Feel free to laugh at me as well as with me!
Producer director: Drew Kerr.

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