So, the story is this. My husband and I love to go out to the West Coast of the United States. We love to do so in order to tour the back woods, the rivers, the mountains and to just "be" out in the woods. On this particular trip I came from the East out to the West in order to be in the moments that would bring me rest and ease. Equipped with a journal, a tent, supplies and fly-fishing equipment, my husband and I were geared for go.
What happened on this particular river trip is what I'm trying to express through this song, that was birthed as I sat along the waters and soaked my soul. I had a craving for these waters as my soul was parched. My emotional response to the waters nudged out of me the lyrics that were a mantra of sorts..."I want to soak my soul in you" if the river's were alive. Well, they are alive and that's that.
On one particular river, the Metolius, I'd taken a nap during the day...her water's smoothing away my troubles and exhaustion. Some fellow campers next to me were strumming a guitar. When I stirred and rose in curiosity after my long nap, I joined these campers...only later to discover that my husband had gotten himself a little immersed in the river when he slipped on a rock. He came back to camp all wet and shivery...and by the time he'd dried off and re suited to go fishing again...the lyrics...Soak my soul were beginning to surface even more clearly as my neighboring friends were plucking away at their guitar. Guess it took the strumming of the guitar for the melody within me begin to...percolate.
Well, it percolated all right...and to this day, I mess with this song, re-writing it, playing it with different instruments and arrangements and I just can't get enough of it...Guess my soul just wants to Soak in it.
I hope you like this early arrangement of The River, the river indeed is a Love Story unfolding.
Peace be to you as you listen
Rachel Kamps

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