NEO aerial system & Kopterworx - Official partner and dealer for Europe.
In our eyes, NEO is more than just another aerial system. It is an aircraft with a character, it has been tested to the absolute limits, it undertook over 57 redesigns. This resulted in a stunning figure of 40% less assembly components than the conventional systems.
The vibriations are less than any other system we have flown and it has great flight characteristics in challenging weather conditions. It is completely rain resistant, features a quick release battery system and the frame features perfect isolation of critical electronic components to avoid magnetic interference. NEO is ready for a bright future with integrated high power LED’s in the arms, it travels light and easy with quick release interchangeable arms.

Choosing NEO saves you a complete second system; just adding another set of more powerful arms enables you to service customers in a higher payload category.
We have chosen a direction that leaves no room for compromises. NEO is made of the finest quality components.

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