Welcome to 'Mega from Behind'. Welcome to Alpe d'Huez. I dropped all my expectaitons as a racer and decided to start the Magavalanche as the last man on the hill. This is the prospective 'from behind'. This is maybe close to the prospective of an average rider racing the Mega.

On my way down I catch people up who have some problems. Physically or technically or both. I talk with them about their situation, their feelings and their strategies for going down. As different people tell different stories I thought it was very intersting how positive everybody is and how unimportant the result actually is.

The guys in front of the camera in order to appearance are:

Dan Smith #65, United Kingdom
Julien Prenez #2410, France
Maurizio Brugiafreddo #1042, Italy
James Windley #54, United Kingdom

Music credits:

"No.02" by Room For A Ghost

"Burn" by Room For A Ghost

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