When we make the vow to invite Jesus into our lives, it doesn’t mean that we won’t sin anymore – it means that we won’t want to. It means that we are surrendering ourselves to God’s will and saying, “Here I am. Use me.”

If you are ready for the most exciting journey that you could possibly imagine, fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams, simply pray that God would fill you with His Holy Spirit.

It’s actually a simple prayer – simply talking to God – saying:

“God, here I am. I don’t want to run my life anymore. I want Jesus to run my life and I want to serve You with a whole heart. Please bless, empower and fill me. Guard me against temptation to sin. I really want to do what you want me to do and be who you want me to be. I want to live a life that means something for You. Thank You. Amen.”

The decision is yours.

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