A short tutorial on how to install the latest ALPHA version of magic lantern on your Canon EOS 6D DSLR camera. NOTE: This is a dev version and I cannot guarantee the safety of your gear, you have been warned. With that said, I have not experienced any problems with it so far so enjoy the install tutorial!

Download .RAR file: bit.ly/1auplFt

1. Download and extract .rar file.
2. Check if 6D is running 1.1.2 firmware.
3. Put "Canon 1.1.2 Firmware" .fir file on SD card and install it on 6D. Format SD card on computer.
4. Put "Files to run Magic Lantern on 6D Firmware 1.1.2" three files on SD card root directory.
5. Install ML 1.1.2 on 6D (in "M" dial mode). Turn off and pull batteries out and format SD card on computer (VERY IMPORTANT).
6. Put "Canon 1.1.3 Firmware" .fir file on SD card and install it on 6D. Turn off 6D, take out 7. SD card and put it into computer.
7. Run "EOScard.exe" program on PC. Check off "EOS_DEVELOP" and "BOOTDISK". Press save.
8. On computer erase all files on SD card.
9. Put "Files to run Magic Lantern of 6D Firmware 1.1.3" three files on SD card root directory.
10. Put SD card back into 6D and turn it on. Magic Lantern is now installed!

Shot and edited by Kraig Adams of kadamsmedia.com and wedfilmschool.com. Please like this video if it helped you and leave a constructive comment below if it didn't or if you have any questions. Thanks!

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