The story of Anastasia Kurkova. A russian ballerina who danced at the famous 'Bolshoi Theatre' at Moskau. To find a new challenge, she left everything behind and went to Berlin, but a new start is always difficult. Kurkova experienced hard times and disappointments, knowing that there is no room for mistakes if she wants to succeed in ballet.

Directed by: Marie & Feline Grub.
Cinematography: André Becker.
Produced by: iamBerlin (nonprofit) & Digital Curtain.

Executive Producer: André Becker, Bart Hendrikx, Marie & Feline Grub.
Camera assitant: Benjamin Borns, Simeon Geyer.
Grip: Denis Martens.
On-location Sound Engineer: Jan Brett.
Editing & Grading: Benjamin Borns & André Becker.
VFX & Compositing: Benjamin Borns.
Sound Design & Sound Engineer: Ron Hirsch.
Composer: Gabriel Wolf.

Special Thanks to:
Anastasia Kurkova, Christina Papst, Fracine Penrose, Denis Martens, Staatsballett Berlin, Stewart Austen, Daniela Spasova and Bart Hendrikx.

inspired by Joris Debeij from

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shot on RED

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