I have released Maxon C4D Sculpting Volume TWO. As the first volume of the series says, sculpting is an amazing feature of C4D. MAXON CINEMA 4D Release 15 was strongly improved and the sculpting toolset has been enhanced a lot. It has new tools, new painting modes, improved mask toolset, new projection toolset and much more. It came with many small, but very powerful features. The first part of the second volume shows all of these improvements. The second part of the second volume finishes the sculpting process itself. The baking is the key of the success, because you can´t animate your object without that, share it and so on. It will teach you everything you will need. It will show the importance of picture color depth, all displacement and normal maps technologies, material setups, texture use and baking. It explains everything about Ambient occlusion baking and how to get the look you need. Ambient Occlusion is not the best for a detail map, so we will bake a cool cavity map and will use it instead of the AO. It touches on a texturing process at the end of the volume and baked texture asset usage.

NOTICE TO VIEWERS: CINEMA 4D sculpting toolset is a part of CINEMA 4D Bodypaint 3D and Studio package

I would like to thank to:

Charlie Bognar and Vlada Miklus!

More about the tutorial is here: c4d.cz/article.aspx?a=109

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