This is my 2013 vacation home video which I dedicate to my mom. She never got to travel and see the world. I'd hoped to share our experience with her, but she lost her battle with cancer about a month before we left for our trip.

I usually do a video about my annual summer trip to Sharbot Lake Provincial Park, with Rhonda once a year. People who follow me here might have noticed that in 2013 I didn't upload one. That's because instead of going camping, we made a road trip across North America for our vacation.

We started in Brockville, Ontario, and headed west to Abbottsford, BC, where we crossed the border. We went as south as Hollywood, CA before heading back northeast towards home. During the three weeks we were on the road, we had a few destinations in mind, but we stopped wherever something piqued our interest.

This video condenses 3 weeks into 3 minutes and has every single shot I took during the road trip. Some shots used here might be a little before or after where I used a shot in one of my location videos, but there's something from every single time I hit the REC button. The stills used in here are pictures both Rhonda and I took as we made our way along, and I've tried to match them up as best as I could with the video footage I shot.

You can view all of the pictures from this video on my flickr account here:

Music: Intro - The XX

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