Narrator: Dean Noble

The Legend of Han Solo and Tobacco the Wookie

In the years before he married Princess Leia, Han Solo sat aboard the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon. He was chainsmoking as usual, which was, he was lighting
the next cigarette with the stub end of the cigarette he was currently smoking and doing it four cigarettes in a row. He usually smoked about a carton a week.

One day, during a routine examination aboard the Rebel space cruiser, the ship surgeon, Two-One-Bee said that unless Han Solo stopped smoking, he would develop something called Tatooine lung which was a chronic lung disease which afflicted many old men on Tatooine.

Han Solo was at wit's end about what to do until he flew to the planet Kashyyk where he met Tobacco the wookie.

Tobacco the wookie was the color of a tobacco leaf and whenever Han Solo had a nic fit, he would rip some of Tobacco fur covering which was really a hair like material made of tobacco leaf material and he would use it as chewing tobacco.

The difference between tobacco growing and marijuana growing is that in tobacco growing, the sucker leaves are trimmed and kept and the rest of the plant is thrown away. In marijuana growing, the sucker leaves are trimmed and thrown away and the rest of the plant is kept.


Leaving kas hyyk

Leaving Las Vegas is a bittersweet tragedy depicting one man's ill fated personal abyss of dipsomaniac misadventure. The comely young Elizabeth Shue is his muse and partner in crime. The movie delivers a train wreck ending that from the outset, it seems to promise.

Two One Bee: 2-21 B Baker Street

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