Just Meeting Cute. What starts out seeming like a film falling into the "meet cute" trope takes a sharp turn as we follow a young girl's recollection of her entire relationship.

I'm spoiling stuff below. Read after watching preferably!

I know I probably shouldn't explain everything in the description but I felt like I might need to in hopes to clear up any confusion. Everything is still up to anyone's interpretations, but this is what I was aiming for with symbolism, analysis and storytelling.

I've put a lot of thought into the symbolism, parallels, familiar imagery, and story telling through cinematography and I feel pretty dang happy with this product.
I tried my best to kind of reveal at the end that this little montage was what the girl was thinking about in the bathroom at the end. She was remembering the entire relationship in a way that was supposed to answer the question "Where did it all go wrong?"
The cup breaking the first time is symbolic of when everything started wrong in the relationship. The cup breaking is the transition between her starting to realize how abusive the guy really was. When the cup actually breaks for a second time in the end, this is when she truly sees that he has been abusive. This is why, when recalling their relationship, the cup plays randomly in the middle. It is my way of showing a change in character for both the boy and the girl.

This was my first time really dabbling with irony of tone and I think it works.

There is a single shot in this that took 3 hours to pull off in post because of a continuity error I was trying to cover up. Hopefully it'll take some time to guess which one.

I make a brief cameo as well. I'm the shoe in the cup smashing scene.

I was lucky enough to have two amazing actors Meg Foley and Joseph Redl. I was very happy I chose them and extremely excited because they are absolutely fantastic. This short film wouldn't be anywhere near what I wanted it to be if it weren't for these two being able to improvise dialogue, certain blocking and of course, silly faces.

I wrote, edited, and shot this all on premise at Montclair State University and I'd like to thank them for not kicking us off the bus, out of the cafe, etc.

The song is called "Sunny Side" and a distribution license was legally obtained for film use from Pond5.com. So, thank you Pond5 for the perfect meet-cute song.

This was very fun to work on and I hope you enjoy this dramatic short. Thank you!

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