This movie shows the maidenflight of our newest hardware revision 0.30, the newest child of the UAVP-NG multicopter family.

The new hardware incoperates two STM32F407 CPUs connected to a shared 16kb dual-port RAM for near instanious data sharing between the processors. The dual-port RAM will allow us to share sensory data and controller information in near real-time between the two CPUs.

HW-0.30 features fully digital sensory equipment as well as two high speed CAN bus transeivers allowing for an optional CAN bus Brushless Controller (BLC) ring. Included on the board is a JTAG adapter which is connected to a 4 port high-speed USB 2.0 hub connecting all the different USB busses.

HW-0.30 was designed to be a "big" developer version using 80x80mm PCB and we intent do miniaturize it later on (while dropping one STM32F4 and the dual-port RAM) to the standard footprint of 55x55mm calling it HW-0.30-mini.

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