Video Tutorial with caption and audio narration
The Screw file displayed in the video is taken from our model ‘Knob of Switch’.
To get the file of the model, visit on our following blog -
1. Open the part file of Screw.
2. Select the ‘Thread’ tool in the Modify panel of 3D Model tab.
3. ‘Face’ selection button is automatically activated in the Thread dialogue box.
4. Select blue cylindrical face of the Screw.
5. Click the Specification tab, here it has automatically detected features/values like ‘Thread Type’, ‘Size’, ‘Designation’, ‘Class’ and ‘Right Hand thread’.
6. If anyone wants to change the properties/features, it can be edited very easily.
7. Click OK to apply the thread feature.
8. Select the ‘Thread Modeler’ tool in the Thread Modeler panel of Tools tab.
9. Select Thread feature in the Browser Bar.
10. The Thread Modeler tool has automatically detected the pitch of the thread in the Thread Modeler Control dialogue box.
11. Click OK to apply realistic thread on the screw.
To get Thread Modeler Tool visit Autodesk exchange Apps on the following link:-

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