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I am incredibly excited to present to you my new 'workshop in a DVD' tutorial on Fine-Art Long Exposure Photography.

After almost 3 years of shooting, carrying a small (and sometimes very large) video camera with me around the world, I am feeling confident that now is time to tell you my story. This series of video tutorials is geared toward the enthusiast to intermediate level photographer wanting to get started with, or fine-tune, long exposure photography techniques. This video is for you if you've never tried to shoot long exposures and are intrigues to give it a try. Or, maybe you have experimenting for a while, but now you are looking for more consistent results to take your skills to the next level.

These video tutorials follow me along my journey as a fine-art long exposure photographer. We start in the classroom where we start by reviewing my portfolio together. We move on to discuss equipment, and talk about neutral density filters next. The camera follows me along to a shooting location, where I take you step-by-step through the process of taking long exposure photographs. I talk about camera settings and calculating exposure times with ND filters. I talk about lens selection and whether or not to use long exposure noise reduction. Despite all these technical considerations, I do make sure to discuss weather, cloud and water movement, and most importantly, composition theory and creative opportunities as they apply to fine-art long exposure photography.

Back at my studio, I download the images and discuss the results with you. I share more image samples from my portfolio to illustrate important concepts such as picking specific exposure times, and we delve into the digital darkroom and process images from color to black and white. For this presentation I will not only show you simple, yet effective, methods of image editing, I will talk about how these techniques can help you realize your vision and let you create unique images as a fine-art photographer. I will show you HOW to do it, but also explain WHY to do it.

As this video tutorial is geared towards the enthusiast to intermediate photographer, I will keep post processing techniques limited to simple software solutions (such as Silver Efex Pro). We will dip our toes into Photoshop from time to time, but this is not an advanced post processing tutorial (please see my separate tutorial video for that information).

My goal is to show you how to master your shooting techniques so that you can keep your post production to a minimum. You'd be surprised how much can be achieved with 'just' simple software solutions. My aim is that after watching this tutorial you will feel not only confident and comfortable with the long exposure shooting technique, but also feel that same confidence when it comes to understanding the creative opportunities these techniques can have for your photography. I want you to be excited to go out shooting and be proud of your resulting images!

For more information and to pre-order this video tutorial please go to:

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