student: Devin Gharakhanian
school: Woodbury University _ School of Architecture
location: Los Angeles, CA, US
professor(s): Berenika Boberska (UCL//Bartlett) + Casey Hughes (Harvard//GSD)
project title: Remnants _ The Cathedral of Waste

For the last 200 years society has been obsessed by the myth of development, catching it in a ‘progress trap’. How can we further the process of creating, making, and distributing the state-of-the-art, without exhausting the environment around us? Can we create “stuff without making other stuff”?

The Cathedral of untapped resource is an urban prototype that targets modern waste streams. Each prototype responds to that specific city’s supply of retired products. This scenario recycles and repurposes a collection of inactive aircrafts sprawled across the Mojave Desert. Driven by a spatial narrative, this dense network of machines, majestic and noisy, are stationed upon the western edge of California City’s airport. The organization is based on three primary zones – Crippler, Regenerator, and the Cathedral - creating an experience beneath a network of undulating machines.

This ever-growing city element serves as a functional machine and also a public space generator. This is where big objects live with small ones, where the tower is adjacent to the house, where the aerospace scientist stumbles into the city dweller’s dream. We begin to reimagine whether waste can be considered high culture...

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