Give digital camera footage the color of retro film with Teal and Orange blockbuster movies style.

Since the introduction of Digital Cameras it became easy to film and to learn making indie films, you just grab your camera and experiment with it. However the look of the digital footage still leaves amateur and domestic camera impression, the digital footage doesn't look as good as straight out of the film camera.

What is it about film that people like so much? Simple - it's color. Maybe some will say dynamic range, some will say the motion and flares. But the best feel about the film is that it looks unique and cinematic. People say that film has a unique color processing that can never be achieved by a digital camera. I take a more scientific approach and after many researches I found some breaking points in simple After Effects effects and achieved unique fake color caps which gives that beloved film feel.

The hardest part in grading Digital footage is that it needs to be RAW or LOG, that means a flat footage taken out of expensive cameras. Then it is graded digitally by shifting colors of keyed parts, adding tints and editing curves. Amateur and Indie filmmakers sometimes doesn't have all those REDs and Black Magics and ARRIs and other beautifully named machines and anyway they want to look pro, so what we all indie filmmakers do is not called grading we just do the color correction - just create some interesting looks by shifting and tinting video. But there is certain points and colors that will leave that digital and domestic feel in the DSLR video even when it is color corrected. The colors overbright, and oversaturated areas doesn't change with color correction. Many of indie filmmakers lowers the saturation, but what happens is that some areas of the footage becomes undersaturated. I tried to fix it by by collecting some unique braking points of Adobe After Effects CS6. The process is automated and is not grading nor color correction - it's something very different and unique and is used as a simple preset for After Effects CS6, which will be available soon for just a few dollars ($5-$10).

So have a look, and sure - comment.

TAGS: grading, color correction, colors, indie, film, digital, footage, dslr, colour, retro look, video, gh2, log, clog, slog, red, arri, film feel, film vision, Filmvision Pro plug-in, preset, after effects, cs6, profile, ungraded, reel, kodak, lut, fujifilm, canon, panasonic gh2, panasonic gh1, hacked, blockbuster, hollywood, cinema, cinematic

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