New music video from "Shorty Cant Eat Books" out of Asheville, NC

The band derives it's peculiar name from the strife of DMX's character in the 1998 movie Belly. DMX is confronted with a variety of social pressures associated with raising a child while coming to decision to finish school. The band recognizes paralells to the lives of their peers - themselves coping with maturity while struggling to raise the child within. Saying "Shorty can't eat books" is an excuse, if only for an evening, to ignore your metaphorical books.

Drawing from the likes of the Dead Milkmen, Violent Femmes, Jonathan Richman and the Talking Heads, the band has formed a sound they can truly call their own. Their catchy blend of Rock, punk, bop, surf and soul - appropriately dubbed “Avant-Bop Teenie Rock,” sets the tone for their catchy, whimsical, sometimes dark and sarcastic, although always relevant tales of life and love.


Sounding straight out the most awesome part of the 90's, Shorty can't eat books has really upped the ante with their most recent releases. Rockin', then stoppin', then breakin' it down in the funkiest of ways, they've got this completely unique element to their tunes. Pokey like doo-wop, spunky like funk, negligent like ska, and inventive like absolutely nothing else out there, they are truly and honestly making a kind of music that is thus far unheard of.

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