What do our past clients [and current] say about FlyPress? I'm glad you asked! This is an important question to ask before trusting some yahoo with a camera to represent your hard earned business. Well fortunately for us, the outlook is good, check out a few of our testimonial videos and you will hear the praises of FlyPress sung loud and clear! But don't take our word for it, watch the video and if that's not enough, ask around. Chances are you will find businesses you know, with amazing FlyPress experiences.

In this video, Dale Clair, Owner of KD Clair Construction takes a minute (literally) and describes his experience with FlyPress;

"I'm always skeptical of trying some of this advertising stuff but a year ago we did our first video with FlyPress and now we are on video number 4.
We use it not only for promotion, but also for safety training and for site instruction for the new employees.
When we send out a proposal we include a video and the response has been absolutely phenomenal. The respect level went way up and people took us more seriously.
We are getting calls from huge corporations [that have seen the video] asking us to do their work.
I recommend the FlyPress Team! Top, top quality. Thanks FlyPress!"

Dale Clair
Owner, KD Clair

FlyPress Films
To have an exceptional promotional video made for your business, or to learn more about FlyPress Films please visit us at flypressfilms.com

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