Created at High School for the Visual and Performing Arts in downtown LA (LAUSD's brand new arts HS #9 at 450 North Grand Avenue).

Over 100 still "light writing" ("straight from the camera") photos were used to create this animation. 30 "Photo Club" students actively participated in making these still photos.

FYI, no computer manipulation was used in the making of these still photos. The photos came straight from the camera using a slow shutter speed technique known as "graffiti light writing." The camera needs to be on a tripod
while the shutter is open for several seconds, in this case a total of 15 seconds. Since more that a second is a long time to expose a photo, in order not to overexpose (photo comes out all white) the photographer must also adjust the camera to its smallest lens opening (aperture) for example f-16 or f-22, and must photograph under very low/ dark light conditions... why we had to wait until it got dark around 5:30 pm to snap the final outdoor shots.

During the 15-second exposure, the camera records all movement, in this case moving glow sticks, colored flashlights and cell phones each moved bya student or parent to form various letter forms and shapes. It's loads of fun because, once the 15-second picture making is over, you can literally watch the photo "develop" before your eyes on the LCD monitor of the camera. With each shot, the crowd of 25-30 would run to see the results like they
were witnessing magic ... because they were ... our own HS#9 magical mystery tour...

We all had a blast making this! My students can't wait to do it again and look forward to having the whole school work on one in the future!

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