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Another spotted trend in motion design is the usage of a remarkable thin line, used as an outline of simple shapes, and as extra decoration lines. Sometimes the outline is a little bit shifted from its fill shape. Most of the time the design in this style contains a single stroke, non-scalable line weight.
The lines are often animated as if they are drawn: growing and then shrinking again, changing in other lines.
This single thin line usage gives the animations a clean, modest and elegant style. If used a sketchy, hand drawn like line, it creates a handicraft feeling, while using a straight vector line can suggest a more iconic, businesslike style.

Influences may come from icon systems that used already a non-scalable line weight to provide consistency.
Also you could compare this style a bit with the illustrations of modernist Charley Harper, who also used thin lines and geometric shapes. And because of these lines and shapes, in a way it also has some comparison with the ’50 style cartoon modern.

Videos in the compilation:
SNY - More Sports – Buck vimeo.com/67907078
Blue Cross Blue Shield - Overview – Buck vimeo.com/60847955
Markets for Good – Hieronymus vimeo.com/50405657
Whats cooking – OuYeah! vimeo.com/71339660
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition – Marcel Studios vimeo.com/42629970
IBM 5in5: ‘The City Will Help You Live In It’ – Matt Smithson vimeo.com/82110215
Ripple - The Future of Money – Monstro vimeo.com/74156943
Grosvenor Brandstory – Jeroen Krielaars vimeo.com/81608635
Elequa – Travis Spangler vimeo.com/80398965
Apparat – MRfrukta vimeo.com/80416903
XPAR Vision/Bottero - BoX – Sebas van den Brink vimeo.com/50646909

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