Living Life or Waiting to Die is about relationships, identity and social media. It offers a unique and comedically driven perspective into modern life and what happens when "the routine" gets to us, when life seems like a song stuck on repeat where one day looks like the next. Identity is examined from both an individual's perspective and societal.

The film is centred around two roommates; Jason (Adam Weidl) and Greg (Graeme McComb) who are both through out the story forced to confront their own demons.

Jason is your typical "bar guy" who goes out every weekend and tries to pick up women. He never really thinks too much about his own future and never makes any long term goals. Frustrated with his current situation he finds himself at a crossroad, an early mid-life crisis. When confronted by his roommate about his life-style Jason decides to take destiny into his own hands.

Greg, on the other hand comes across as a man who has things figured out, however, that could not be further from the truth. Greg has his own demon that he never faced, a ghost from the past that continues to haunt him.

Starring: Adam Weidl, Graeme McComb, Levi Hildebrand, Greg Delmage, Emily Fonda, John Kevener
Writing/Directing/Editing: Bojan Dulabic
Producing: Najwan Stephan-Tozy, Bojan Dulabic
Music: Dave Chick

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