Lament is a meditation on transubstantiation. On the interdependence of body, spirit, soil and sky. It is a story about the transience of life and the regenerative qualities of death. It is a story both about the dead and those left behind. It is a story about resurrection through decomposition.

"...full of striking images… shadowplay and puppetry were absorbingly innovative...” --The Age

“...startling work that is at once confronting and yet comforting...” --Inpress

And the audience described it as, "A moody thought provoking performance," "Incredibily interactive," "Visually stimulating, appeals to all the senses," "The atmosphere was enchanting," "Spectacular and stunning," "Food for thought," and as, "Something different."

Mother Mary: Fleur Dean
Mary Magdelene: Olivia Crang
city creature #1: Lachlan Plain
city creature #2: Tim Ratcliffe

direction & design: Lachlan Plain
city creature design: Michael Camilleri
sound sesign: Que Nguyen
lighting design: Rob Appleton
dramaturg & directorial consultation: Kelly Somes

production management: Tim Ratcliffe
front of House & publicity: Jasmine Powell

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