To promote Gluten Free Health & Wellness Festival!
The full-day event will be hosted at the Victoria Conference Center. Vendors will share great food, beverages and cosmetics to sample and buy as well as educate and create community awareness around gluten intolerance, digestive disorders, and health & wellness. Thought leaders, nutritionists, chefs and discussion panels will speak on nutrition throughout the day in a private theatre, with the opportunity for questions and answers.
Event February 22 2014!!
More info here:
Student: Sophie Mackenzie
Sister: Hannah Mackenzie
Alex Bennett-Colpman
Adam Finch
Filmed, edited, and directed by: Demetria Provatas !
Origin Bakery
Pacific Rim College
Red Barn Market
Country Grocer
Lifestyles Market
Cafe Bliss
Many Many thanks to Sophie and Hannah MacKenzie for being such lovely actresses and stars for this project! Their patience was neverending and their presence was such a comfort! Can't thank them enough! Also thank- you to Alex Bennett-Colpman for being so helpful and present and cheerful all the time! And thank you to Adam Finch for letting me film him eating, despite that I think he hates having his photo taken at all! Also, Kevin Barry for letting me stress about editing with him for just a couple hours. And finally Ari Hershberg for the amazing opportunity to be flown out there and embark on such a fun project!
Also if you're looking for gluten free recipes, check out Sophie's blog:

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