Director, Editor, Production Manager: Jessica Letitia Reeves
Actor: Freddie Tomlin
Camera: Nikon D5100

This is my first film. My brief for this project was to produce a film which was surrounding the subject of home.

Home can be many different places to people. This film focuses on the inner home, where the character feels most at home. The character is travelling through the forest in order to get to his place where he feels most at home. He is not homeless, he is not lost, he is alone. There is a back story where his mother has died, he feels like he cannot go back to where he lives or be surrounded by people when he needs his time to remember his mother. He takes back to the place where he feels most at home objects that remind him of her and to make it a more homely environment. He walks to this place to remember, to reflect and to have that time to himself. Without her now, his life at his home with his family is stressful, hard to cope with and for him, this time in the forest, he is with his mother. This is his home.

Home is not just bricks and mortar, it isn't just the people you are with that makes it a home. A home to him is the place where he feels most at ease, most at peace with everything and most happy. He is now home.

The target audience of this is ages 19+, typically with people with more life experience to understand the concept of his idea of home. The aim of the film is to make the audience reflect on their lives, to feel emotion for the character and to be able to have a different viewpoint on where a home is.

I have used a Audio Network for my project, due to the fact this is a university project.

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