"Thriller" - (Official Music Video Cover) Michael Jackson
Produced and Performed Entirely by Mark Jeffery Campayno
All production on site at Musicians-Inc/SRVOVA

1981 G&L F100 Guitar
Fender Mustang III Amp
Reaper Software
MacBook Pro

One of Michael Jackson's most popular songs, "Thriller" has it all. An infectious bass line, a dance beat, sparse but effective guitar accompaniment, and of course, an interesting lyrical text. For me, the most important element is the groove. This song has groove written all over it.

While a guitar cover may not be everyones cup of tea, for me I find it perfect. The melody, being situated somewhere between dorian, aeolian, and pentatonic, is full of breaks where improvisation can occur. The melody is the perfect launching pad for experimentation and elaboration.

I hope you enjoy the notes I have imported from Wikipedia on the song. There is a lot of interesting information here.

Once again thank you for all you do,

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"Thriller" Lyrics

Great Article on Rod Templeton the writer of "Thriller":

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