This is a time-lapse (sped up about 60x) of Auto Squiggler's first public showing at Pecha Kucha Toronto held at Design Within Reach on King St West. Fertile Landscapes are a series of stylised topographical representations that I created from real geographic data. The landscapes are the birthplaces of some of the people who were presenting at the Pecha Kucha. This was installed in the front windows of the Design Within Reach store on Toronto's King Street West and ran during the event as a live drawing.

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Auto Squiggler is a window mounted drawing robot. It uses carefully synchronised motors to pull a toothed belt back and forth, moving the poster pen attached to the belt to produce a drawing on the window it's attached to.

Special thanks to:
- Paul and Leila from Idée/TinEye who provided space and support for me to work on my machine.
- Vivien Leung for instigating and supporting the project while juggling the event organising for Pecha Kucha.
- Matthew Bambach, Becki Chan, Lysanne Latulippe & Meghan Price for agreeing to be represented in this experiment.
- Susannah Dinnen for documenting the project in photos.
- Design Within Reach for being supportive hosts as I installed a crazy machines that drew on their store windows.
- Alex Weber for his Der Kritzler hardware design.
- Marginally Clever for their Makelangelo drawbot control software.
- onformative for their brilliant technique and tutorial on generating topographical contour drawings in Processing.
- NASA for producing and releasing altitude data for the entire globe.

Those people in links:
TinEye -
Vivien Leung -
Matthew Bambach
Becki Chan
Lysanne Latulippe & Meghan Price
Susannah Dinnen
Design Within Reach Toronto
Alex Weber
Marginally Clever -
onformative tutorial -
NASA SRTM data -

Music: Scotland the Brave by Shake That Little Foot (

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