This is a compilation of some of the work I've done at studios in SF, LA, and Portland.

Reel Breakdown:
00:04- Stoke of Genius/Method Studios/3D modeling, animation, motion tracking
00:12-Fourth Estate/Invisible Children/3D modeling, animation, motion tracking
00:15-America for Airlines/ Very True Story/everything except for 3D phone model
00:21-America for Airlines/Very True Story/everything
00:30-Consumer Reports/Very True Story/everything
00:34-ECG check/Very True Story/animation
00:39-Mobile Iron/Very True Story/animation
00:42-Youtube/Loomis Group/animation
00:45-Consumer Reports/Very True Story/everything
00:52-OMSI/Fashionbuddha/3D modeling, animation
00:55-Piece Me Puzzle/Fashionbuddha/animation
00:58-Dexter Titles/Fashionbuddha/animation

Please let me know what you think :)

Thao-Bag of Hammers

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