If you have a desk job you know that it is quite common to stay seated for the entire day. This is called sedentary behavior, which can be bad not only for your health, but also for your productivity. The LumiMate was developed to help you. It consists of a small interactive screen connected to a sensor in your chair that will remind you and your colleagues to take some active breaks from time to time. You are the one with the power to change your behavior around, so do it; collaborate, compete, interact and enjoy a healthier life.

Created by team Games4Health:
Paula Jacques Barreto, Communication-Advertising at PUC-RS (BR)
Rick Borgeld, Communication and Multimedia Design at Hogeschool van Amsterdam (NL)
Suzanne Tromp, Media and Culture - New Media at Universiteit van Amsterdam (NL)
Karen de Graaf, Media and Culture - New Media at Universiteit van Amsterdam (NL)

The project was developed at MediaLAB Amsterdam, in a partnership with the Nederlands Instituut voor Sport en Bewegen (NISB).

Video by Midas van Son
Music: "Blind man, blind man" - Herbie Hancock

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