What things can you not live without? What would you take with you if you were going to travel to a very far away place? In Wanderlust we see 4 people; Gillian, Joe, Eleni and Hannah, choose what they want to take with them for a trip that's going to change their lives...

Mike, Simon and Matt all study Documentary film at the university of south wales, Newport and with the help of David McSparron for the music and the generous Jonathan Besler for the beautiful time-laps imagery we created this short documentary which may be a little more artsy then informative but we hope you all like it.

for more information on the film follow the links below.
David McSparron (Facebook) - facebook.com/davidmcsparroncomposer?fref=ts
Wappato Media house (Facebook) - facebook.com/Wappatomediahosue?fref=ts
MarsOne home page - mars-one.com
Jonathan Besler Vimeo page - vimeo.com/besler

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