When the Rat Pack reigned supreme, Las Vegas was an island of total immorality where a person – with the right amount of money - could do all the things he’d heard about, but wasn’t allowed to do. That’s how Alan King described the city when he looked back on his days on the strip.

Fifty years later, Las Vegas is still a city that cooks, but its lights twinkle and flash for a decidedly more family-friendly crowd. Experts say it was the corporate effort to appeal to mass audiences that swept the mob from the city – not the government. Some Vegas loyalists mourn the departure of Bugsy Siegel and the arrival of the Mouse, but others say the place only gets better as it reinvents itself time and time again.

As "Las Vegas: The American Fantasy" reports, the city's current incarnation marks it as the latest gateway to the American Dream, a place where newly immigrated citizens can achieve a middle-class existence. Las Vegas, with its super casinos, dazzling hotels and dancing girls continues to cater to the frivolous tourista tastes, but, as we discovered, it also empowers its residents to secure the most earnest and practical of fantasies, as well.

Executive Producer: Jamie Stolz
Producers: Ginny Somma and Alan Wagmeister
Associate Producer: Betsy Rate
Editor: Liz Gross
Correspondent: Geraldo Rivera

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