At ShopStoree, they believe every shop has a story to tell. To them, a shop is more than a shop. It is a feeling. A destination. A unique blend
 of artisans, objects, and culture. ShopStoree captures all of that, curates it and sets
 it free for clients to discover and indulge. ShopStoree re-imagines online retail to be more real by bringing stores to life so shopping is more personal, more captivating and more connected with community. Because they believe when you shop with a story it rings a happy bell in your brain. And that is how shopping should be.

Stitch Factory, in partnership with Downtown Project, presents Behind the Seams, a monthly speaker series designed to bring together passionate individuals to share ideas, network, and inspire. Downtown Project is helping to transform downtown Las Vegas into the most community-focused large city in the world by inspiring and empowering people to follow their passions to create a vibrant connected urban core. Additionally, Downtown Project is committed to transforming downtown Las Vegas into a community that will "make you smarter" and is doing that by bringing inspiring and informative speakers from around the world to share their ideas and passions. Stitch Factory | Behind the Seams | takes this mission one step further with our commitment to transform downtown Las Vegas into a community that will make you "smarter" and "more fashionable”.

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