Circadian Rhythm
video by Benjamin Goldman
My life falls into a daily pattern of sleep and work. I wearily arise each morning faced with the same work as the day before. I commute an hour into the city to paint apartments. I work alone in these empty spaces, lost in my thoughts. Over the years the apartments have blurred into one endless job, one endless wall. A Sisyphean task that is only interrupted by dreams and memories. Walls are painted and repainted. The physical nature of the repetitious work wears on me as the days progress, but the short night gives me a chance to gather my strength before it all begins again in the morning.

This video was created to be projected so that the viewer is immersed in the abstraction of the piece.

General statement:
My work is about the human condition. We are curious creatures, full of dynamic self importance and folly, who struggle daily towards the uncomfortable certainty of an end. I observe our behaviors and respond to the humorous and irrational things we do in our all to brief lives. I use a variety of medium in my work, often mixing them in a single piece. Video, photography, drawing and painting blend together as I attempt to discuss and address the complexities of life.

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