CUSCO - Tigris and Euphrates
Michael Holm & Kristian Schultze
BSC Music - 2000 - Ancient Journeys. A Vision Of The New World
The two great Mesopotamian rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates, that shaped one of the cradles of civilization, born in the mountains of eastern Turkey and, after crossing this country and northern Syria, penetrate Iraq, where they form an extensive net before flowing river plain near the common terminus at the bottom of the Persian Gulf.
Some of the creations we owe to the civilizations that inhabited Mesopotamia are:
the currency
the wheel
The basics of astrology and astronomy
The development of the sexagesimal system and the first code of laws, written by King Hammurabi.
They devised the postal system or email
Artificial irrigation
the plow
The boat and sailing
The harness for animals
They developed the metallurgy of copper and bronze
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