This one felt really good to make. It's suppose to be sequential, but like two parts were mixed for the video's sake.

As much as I despised AMVs for their random mash-ups of action clips and such, I found myself making one. This is what six hours of not going outside does to me.
I did use the intro for the beginning, but... fuggit.

(This was originally going to be the original version, but GG YouTube, so I'm using the English cover by Amanda Lee to compensate. I'm so glad it exists, because it's just too good.)
(Ignore the above, just a copypasta from what I posted on YouTube. This is just an alternate version with the English cover. I would delete it, but... whatever.)

Song Used: LiSA - Crossing Field (Amanda Lee cover)
Anime: Sword Art Online

This music video is protected under fair use, copyright belong to respective owners of shown content, legal mumbo jumbo stuff.
Don't sue me, show writers; if you want it down, I expect a message.

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