This is my first experiment with my new camera, the Panasonic FZ200, which I've just received.
It replaces the Canon S2IS that I’ve had since 2006.
The FZ200 is still a ‘point and shoot’, and one that’s been out since July 2012.
However, it has a good quality Leica lens and some fairly sophisticated features.
I was curious about it’s high speed video function, so I tried that out first.
It’s great to see the chickadees and titmice zooming around with their wings tucked in.
The temperature was not much above 0F, so they had good reason to avoid airing out their armpits.
Funny to see the titmice keep getting their tufts ruffled by the wire at 0:24 and 0:45.
Also, it’s amusing to see a poor chickadee get rear-ended by an aggressive titmouse at 1:22.
In the last shot at 1:44, you can see that the light was perfect—shadows not too dark, highlights not too harsh (at least on my uncalibrated monitor).
Adding the wonderful Largo by J. S. Bach was an afterthought, but I liked the way it worked with the video—good rhythm for floating, adds humor as well as pathos.
And ends abruptly as the titmouse cocks its head quizzically.

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